Inspiration ( and finding it again! )

I have recently lost a little bit of motivation with my etsy shop and designs. I feel as though i have been working on very similar designs for quite a while and i am ready to try something a bit different. My uni work was often using quite a subtle more sophisticated colour palette and my graduate collection was all about Scandinavia . I took inspiration from the textures and colours/ the long dark winters and the colours of spring with the big focus being that the samples went from light to dark lightweight to heavy.

As far as my more recent designs i have focused on using lighter brighter colours and themes with my most popular designs being my unicorns. For my new design work i want to find a balance between using a more classic colour palette and still drawing and painting things that inspire me. I have created a pinterest board pining all the things that i have found an interest in, this board is entitled dark fairytale and takes inspiration from the ocean/ black magic and fairytales. Take a look here